SAS: Red Notice

An off-duty SAS soldier, Tom Buckingham, must thwart a terror attack on a train running through the Channel Tunnel. As the action escalates on the train, events transpire in the corridors of power that may make the difference as to whether Buckingham and the civilian passengers make it out of the tunnel alive.

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国: Hungary, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom

言語: English

スタジオ: Ingenious Media, Parabolic Pictures, Lipsync Productions, Silver Reel, Sky Movies, Altitude Film Entertainment, Creativity Capital, The Electric Shadow Company, Vertical Entertainment, Redbox Entertainment, J3 Film Finance, Periwinkle Pictures

ランタイム: 120 数分

品質: HD

リリース済み: Aug 11, 2021

IMDb: 5.1