The Familiar of Zero

The Familiar of Zero

Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière’s name is so long and her spell-casting skills are so poor that everyone at the Tristain Academy of Magic just calls her “Louise the Zero.” Louise’s humiliation only increases during an important second year test, she inexplicably summons Hiraga Saito, a totally normal teenager from Tokyo. Now she’s stuck with him and Saito’s stuck with the lousy life of being a familiar.

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Stars: , , , , ,

Crew: Shinkichi Mitsumune, Masahiro Goto, Yoshinori Hirose

Country: JP

Studio: AT-X, Chiba TV

Runtime: 25:14 minutes

Quality: HD

First air date: Jul 03, 2006

Last air date: Mar 24, 2012

Episode: 49 Episode

Season: 4 Season

IMDb: 2.3